Artist Bio

Molly Mignano is an animator based in Philadelphia, PA and currently works at the Philadelphia Museum of Art as a Branded Content Designer. She graduated summa cum laude from Maryland Institute College of Art. She has a primary focus on 2D, character animation, and pre-production. Molly’s work involves themes of connection and relationships, shown visually through saturated colors, character movement, and camera angles. 

Artist Statement - 2024

Conceptually, a great deal of my work is inspired by the natural world. Often with the woods themselves being a peaceful presence, but having some sort of mysteriously otherworldly beast or creature. These settings engage me because the earth these creatures walk is not responsible for their actions, the earth merely provides a home for whoever happens to seek shelter. A stable environment, with exciting variables. Thematically, I am drawn to any kind of story where the heart of it is love. A home, a friend, a stability to hang on to. I feel that character and relationship driven animations and artworks are the most interesting to me personally. With the shared experience of being cut off from loved ones abruptly and completely, my art practice provided an escape to create and share works centered around human connection. A little light hearted snippet of something that may possibly bring joy to another person’s day. And to remind myself and others that not everything needs to be done alone in order for it to feel conquered. I aim to have them and hopefully others will as well. The concept of love and healing. Whether it be healing loneliness through making a friend, or healing a past experience through present support, I seek to tell stories that bring catharsis through interaction.