NASA Goddard CRESST II Internship

STEAM Exhibition - Activity Tests

During the summer of 2022, I had the opportunity to be a CRESST II intern for NASA Goddard. The internship focused on aiding in the development of a traveling STEAM Exhibition. The exhibition is an in-development project that aims to help in bridging the divide between the arts and science by using animation to teach high school students about astro-physics. My internship partner Lydia Mastrangelo and I focused on making activities 

Where students could create their own animations that engaged with science on a non-intimidating level. The team working together to make this exhibition happen includes MICA, UMBC, the Enoch Pratt Library, NASA Goddard, and the Baltimore School for the Arts.

Social Media Posts

Two variants for a poster promoting International Observe the Moon Night for October 1st, 2022.

A promotional poster for the 2022 International Observe the Moon Night Flickr page.

Happy Birthday, L.R.O!

A graphic made to celebrate the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter's thirteenth anniversarry, posted to NASA Moon's Twitter page.